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Address Dubai Mall

HOSPITALITY - Social Media + Strategy

Address Dubai Mall, a 5-star property located in one of the world’s largest entertainment and shopping destination, The Dubai Mall, asked us to develop a strategic approach to social media that would honour the brand’s personality. But how do you communicate “elegant, refined and luxurious” for a 5-star hotel on social media, which is primarily based on casual communication, and seen as being more apt for FMCG, retail and more mass-oriented products and services?

Read on to discover how we tackled this challenge. 

The challenge

Address Dubai Mall sought to improve their Share of Voice – all online content and conversations about their brand compared to their competitors – and their overall engagement rates across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Clearly, they were on the right track in setting objectives for their social media – it wasn’t just about how many likes and reactions they had, but the extent to which that following was engaging and being moved by the content. They needed expertise on growing engagement for a luxury brand on social media, and that’s where Eleven777’s strategic approach to social media came in.

The solution

We systematised all processes for social media – sourcing, creation, curation, approval and analytics. We developed a Content Calendar by theme, promotions, current events, and international hashtag days. Our content was informed by ‘buyer personas’ – so a handful of ‘typical’ clients of the luxury hotel – and by content archetypes i.e. content that communicated hotel personality, success, community support, or was a call for the follower to take a specific action (CTA). Moreover, we implemented a host of other best practices – advertising strategically, approaching the Arabic language strategically, and implementing impactful listening and engagement protocols.

The result

It was particularly the strategic use of influencers that made the biggest waves. The key to using influencers for maximum impact is not just that they are deployed, but that their deployment is then amplified by leveraging their output, fans, and online popularity.

We leveraged the influencers by being very specific about our objectives and specifying how the influencers could help us get there. Second, we engaged the influencers and their fans, including in Arabic specifically for those who vlog in Arabic.

In just two months, between February and April, we quadrupled the hotel’s Instagram following from 4,000 followers to 16,300 followers.

This is significant, because unlike with Facebook and Twitter, there aren’t specific Page Likes / Follower Growth ad campaigns that one can run on Instagram.

But more importantly we hit the two main KPIs out of the ballpark:

We consistently hit all engagement KPIs, reaching 24.67% in April (of which the engagement on Instagram was over 40%!)

As for Share of Voice, we hit above 30%, consistently outperforming our competitors in the field of luxury hospitality.


Be strategic and intentional about social media.

Be smart about leveraging influencers, not just using them in a specific campaign. Know what to ask of them. 

Be tactical about content. But also be exceptional with your copywriting – that’s one aspect that many brands overlook. It is one thing to know how to create content pillars or archetypes for a social media brand. But it’s quite another to deliver content that is both true to brand personality – such as a 5-star luxury hotel – and engaging for that brand’s audience on social media.

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