Some of the world’s best-loved brands trust us to create compelling results for them every day. Here’s some work we’ve done for them, and for home-grown and regional names that we’re helping go for gold.

Riviera Chic Brunch

The Restaurant at Address Boulevard introduced a casually chic Riviera brunch experience in 2018. Eleven777 crafted a creative campaign to market this new offering, based on the brand’s guidelines, but in the absence of photographic assets at the start, which necessitated the creation of a composite. We were later able to use the actual photography done for the campaign. Therefore, the initial challenge for our team was to capture the stylish French Riviera vibes that were essential to the brunch’s appeal, while also doing justice to the cuisine and lifestyle proposition it presented. Another important consideration was ensuring that the campaign materials could be easily adapted and used across various touchpoints, whether print or digital.

Key deliverables: Key visual, flyers, digital banners

Our approach

In order to translate the characteristic charm and elegance of the French Riviera to the restaurant’s setting in Downtown Dubai, our team developed an original photographic composite that combined various Riviera-style elements. The copy echoed this approach with its reference to the French Riviera coast, Côte d’Azur, and linked it to the cuisine and ambience that guests can look forward to at the brunch. Furthermore, from the art direction to the visuals, every aspect of the campaign was carefully considered to ensure it adapted well to web banners, video, social media and other formats. In the end, we were pleased to receive the client’s appreciation for the ‘realistic’ quality of the initial key visual which did not include human subjects, as well as the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing the fashionable appeal of the French Riviera in the restaurant’s original setting.

Campaign Executions:

• DL Flyer
• E-Direct Mailer
• Bottle Hanger
• E-invite
• Digital Banners
• Elevator Poster
• Car Hanger
• Props