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Amaseena Ramadan Offer at The Ritz Carlton Dubai

An iconic fixture at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, in the city's fashionable JBR district, Amaseena is known for capturing the ‘allure of Arabia’ with its delicious Mediterranean cuisine and traditional outdoor setting. In 2018, the restaurant crafted a unique Ramadan offering – an Ottomon-style Majlis set in the hotel’s ballroom for Iftar and Suhour gatherings, for which Eleven777 was commissioned to develop a campaign.

Key deliverables: Print Advert – Arabic and English

Our approach

One of the primary objectives of the campaign was to communicate the special indoor setting for the month, since the restaurant is known for being an outdoor dining venue. The visual also needed to resonate the traditional allure of the Ramadan offering, in line with the restaurant’s original concept and identity. In addition, the campaign had to not only appeal to Muslims observing the traditions of Ramadan, but also other potential customer segments, such as tourists and non-Muslim residents in the UAE.

More often than not, Ramadan marketing campaigns tend to overuse stereotypical symbols, such as moons and lanterns in their visual approach, while the copy is frequently too generic to indicate what makes the offering interesting or appealing. We wanted to steer clear of these ‘typical’ approaches, and developed an original photographic composite that incorporated traditional symbols as well as the unique aspects of the Amaseena Ramadan experience. For example, the presence of live entertainment by traditional musicians was indicated by an ‘oud’, an Arabian stringed instrument, while the appeal of the ‘majlis’ was highlighted with a plush cushion and colourful carpet.

The copy emphasised the appeal of the experience for various customer segments. For example, those seeking a traditional experience were interested by the mention of “hand-roasted spices” and “red clay cookware”, while families seeking “warmth” and “closeness” were also assured a familial experience. The campaign’s appeal was brought together in the tagline – “Amaseena Majlis. Lasting impressions. Lifelong memories”.