Some of the world’s best-loved brands trust us to create compelling results for them every day. Here’s some work we’ve done for them, and for home-grown and regional names that we’re helping go for gold.

Burj Al Arab - Bab Al Yam Restaurant Logo + Visual Identity

The iconic sea-facing Bab Al Yam restaurant was in need of an identity refresh to complement its new, modern avatar. Eleven777 reviewed the existing identity and decided on a radical overhaul. Referencing the gentle waves that lap the Jumeirah shoreline for inspiration, Bab Al Yam's new logo was born – a gentle turquoise-hued wave-form that morphs into the 'B' in Bab Al Yam, underscored by fluid running-hand typography in Arabic and English. Menus, a print advert and other brand expressions soon followed suit.

Key deliverables: Identity development, menu design, print advert

Our approach

Some logos are best left alone. After all, if it works fine, why fix it? However, in the case of Bab Al Yam, the newly renovated interiors, refreshed menu and an incredible view of the ocean meant that its visual identity needed to reflect the new, improved offering. But as with all things iconic – the ubiquitously famous seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel no less – we embarked on the project with more than a little trepidation. After countless drawing-board sketches and more than a few sleepless nights pondering a look-and-feel worthy of its larger-than-life status, the new logo was born. And from it evolved innovative expressions of the B-shaped menu, clever typographic treatment and copywriting that drove the message home in print advertising.

All in a day’s work (OK, a little more than just a day, but hey, even Rome took a while to come around).