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Dubai’s Kiki Challenge: The Top 5 Rules when doing Social Media in the UAE

Social media challenges have ranged from the fun to the near-fatal. The Kiki challenge was probably both. And here lies the Kiki challenge for UAE content producers: How do you put out trendy content while staying within the confines of the law?

Social media challenges have ranged from the charitable and fun – the ALS Ice Bucket challenge – to the potentially fatal – think Tide Pod challenge.

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What is Inbound Marketing? The Middle East Guide

This guide reveals the special inbound formula you should be using for Middle East- and Dubai-based brands.

Inbound marketing flips traditional marketing on its head and then does the kiki shiggy shake around it.

Inbound versus outbound marketing
Traditional marketing is outbound. Think of it as putting your product ‘out’ there. You’re cold-calling, shoulder-rubbing, and print-advertising your product to those you hope will buy.

As our post on why digital marketing is important shows, technology has made it infinitely easier to sell – it’s both cheaper and more efficient.

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Why Digital Marketing is Important

250 years ago, the Industrial Revolution changed the world. Right now, the Digital Revolution is transforming the way we live. Here are the top 5 reasons why digital will do wonders for your brand.

Let’s start with some facts. 

Fact #1: By the time you finish reading this list, you’ll have grown a little older. And it will be a similar fate for the means you use to communicate with your customers.

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A chat with UAE Influencer Naomi D’Souza – Dubai’s Dessert Queen

Making the ‘Top 100 Influential Influencers in the UAE’ list is no easy task. It requires blood, sweat and tears. And in the case of Naomi D’Souza, a healthy appetite for dessert.

With the new 2018 UAE Influencer Law in place, we turned to Naomi, UAE’s beloved food blogger and influencer to talk about the implications of the new law on her work and on that of other influencers.
What do you think about the new influencer law put together by NMC? 
Every coin has two sides. Similarly, I think the new influencer law has its pros and cons.

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The new 2018 UAE Influencer Law and why Influencer Marketing is still Important

We strategically capitalised on the influencer marketing trend and helped grow our favourite hospitality client’s Instagram following from 5,000 to 17,000 over the span of three months! Influencer marketing, when done right, can mean exponential growth for your brand. 

The Power of Influencer Marketing 
According to marketing communication group, BPG, about 94 percent of UAE-based brands believe that a significant way to promote their product or service is via a social media influencer.

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The 5 Most Important Facebook Hacks & Tactics for 2018 – With Free Checklist

Also known as, How to Become a Digital Rockstar in 2018

1. Pay to Play. You can no longer afford to ignore that Facebook for businesses is now ‘pay to play’. In order to be seen, you’ll need to advertise on the platform. Hack#1 for 2018 is for you to develop a monthly advertising budget. Your advertising plan can have different objectives (always in alignment with your business objectives): to grow your following / collect lead data / increase visibility and/or retarget your most engaged followers.
Follow this guide to get started with Facebook Advertising.

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How to Run a 5-Star Campaign for your Luxury Hotel on Google AdWords: with Video!

In this post, we’re going to show you how to run a Google AdWords PPC campaign if you’re in the tourism industry.

PPC, short for ‘Pay-per-click’ is a form of online advertising that leads people to your website. PPC ads can run in search engines (Google, Bing), banners (display) (Network Partners of Google) or on social media (Facebook, Instagram). It’s called pay-per-click because when someone clicks on your ad, you, as the advertiser, pay. 
For step-by-step instructions on how to run a Google AdWords campaign, no matter your industry, check out this simple guide.

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The 4 Action Stages to Run a Google AdWords Campaign for MENA Brands

Google AdWords is the most massive pay-per-click platform on the globe. Why does that matter to you? By 2020, the UAE’s e-commerce market will be US$ 27 billion and the KSA’s US$ 22 billion. MENA residents are spending billions online, and your brand will want a piece of that several billion-dollar pie.

What is PPC? PPC, short for ‘Pay-per-click’ is a form of online advertising that leads people to your website. There they can learn about your brand or buy your products.

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